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In 1998, India overtook the U.S. as the world's largest milk producer. This surge of growth can be accredited to the establishment of dairy cooperatives under the Operation Flood program.
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India: World's Largest Milk Producer

India has become the world's No. 1 milk producing country, with output in 1999-200 (marketing year ending March 2000) forecasted at 78 million tonnes. United States, where the milk production is anticipated to grow only marginally at 71 million tonnes, occupied the top slot till 1997. In the year 1997, India's milk production was on par with the U.S. at 71 million tonnes. The world milk production in 1998 at 557 million tonnes would continue the steady progress in recent years (see Table 1). Furthermore, the annual rate of growth in milk production in India is between 5-6 per cent, against the world's at 1 per cent. The steep rise in the growth pattern has been attributed to a sustained expansion in domestic demand, although per capita consumption is modest - at 70 kg of milk equivalent.

Annual Milk Prodcution has trebled

India's annual milk production has more than trebled in the last 30 years, rising from 21 million tonnes in 1968 to an anticipated 80 million tonnes in 2001. This rapid growth and modernization is largely credited to the contribution of dairy cooperatives, under the Operation Flood (OF) Project, assisted by many multi-lateral agencies, including the European Union, the World Bank, FAO and WFP (World Food Program). In the Indian context of poverty and malnutrition, milk has a special role to play for its many nutritional advantages as well as providing supplementary income to some 70 million farmers in over 500,000 remote villages.

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Table 1. World's Top Milk Producers.

Countries 1998
India 74 71 68
United States 71 71 70
Russian Federation 33 34 36
Pakistan 22 21 20
Brazil 22 21 19
Ukraine 14 15 16
Poland 12 12 11
New Zealand 12 11 10
Australia 10 9 9
EC 125 125 125
World (includes others) 557 549 542

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