Why India’s agri production stats need a ground reality check

India’s agricultural production statistics sometimes present dissonances with consumption data. The household consumer expenditure data are more than a decade old, and an update is urgently needed.
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Dr Verghese Kurien: A practical idealist

Remembering Dr Verghese Kurien, the ‘Milkman of India’ who would have turned hundred today. How he built what is now a $5.3 billion-turnover dairy enterprise owned by 3.6 million farmers.
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Let the farmer earn

Government must not sacrifice rise in farm incomes at altar of short-term consumer interest or to save RCEP. 
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Explained: Why dairy is RCEP sticking point

It is the industry that is lobbying the hardest to keep its products out of the free trade agreement currently under negotiation among 16 countries to India’s east and north. Why is this so?
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Dumping of a different kind

Subsidies for farmers shouldn’t end up benefiting consumers and depressing market prices
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