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Contact Person: Vikas Gour (Group Product Manager)

Products: Copper glycinate, Electrolyte Supplement, Feed antioxidant, Inorganic and organic trace mineral premix, Inorganic trace mineral premix, Manganese glycinate, Natural bioactive Vitamin D3, Organic trace mineral premix, Rumen alkalizer, Toxin Binders, Vitamin Premixes, Zinc glycinate

Avitech Nutrition is a part of Keggfarms Group – a diversified group with interests in the fields of vaccine manufacturing, SPF egg production, poultry genetics and animal nutrition. Founded in 1967, the Keggfarms Group is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. The group companies are Keggfarms, Avitech Nutrition, Indovax and Immunetic Lifesciences spanning the length and breadth of India.

Avitech Nutrition manufactures a wide range of specialty nutritional feed additives and premixes for cattle, poultry, aqua, equine and swine feeds. Avitech Nutrition’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP certified. Founded in 1996, Avitech Nutrition has grown to become a leading provider of premixes and specialty feed additives in the animal feed industry.

Avitech Nutrition’s product line includes feed additives and premixes such as  antioxidants, ammonia binders, electrolytes, enzymes, emulsifiers, gut health optimizers, inorganic trace minerals, organic trace minerals, rumen alkalizers, toxin binders, Vitamin D,  vitamin premixes and more.


Avilact Pro – Rumen alkalizer
Avsorb Forte – Toxin binder
Avsorb MOS – Toxin binder
TriSorb – Toxin binder
Avilyte WS Dairy – Electrolyte supplement
Avimin AVI-DY-S – Inorganic trace mineral premix
Avitriol – Natural bioactive Vitamin D3
Avitriol D – Natural bioactive Vitamin D3
Metablends Dairy – Inorganic and organic trace mineral premix
Nutriox – Feed antioxidant
Performins Dairy CMZ – Organic trace mineral premix
Performins Cu – Copper glycinate
Performins Mn – Manganese glycinate
Performins Zn – Zinc glycinate
Vitamin ADE premix – Vitamin premix

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