The way forward in milk fortification

FSSAI and NDDB should not dismiss valid concerns over addition of micronutrients in food even if the idea is well-intentioned
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Exploring the next Milky Way to growth

Indian dairies should go in for industrial-scale production of traditional milk products for selling in both domestic and export markets
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Now, also an Aadhaar card for cattle and buffaloes

India is implementing the world’s biggest project of tagging every bovine animal that may yield huge productivity gains.
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A new ministry promises a new beginning

Animal husbandry was considered a subsidiary activity, which has changed with the Modi government now according it an independent status
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Why it is important to count India’s cows (and chickens)

The importance of a livestock census was first recognised in 1919, 47 years after human counting was started in 1872.
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Why healthy animals mean healthy humans, and how to meet that goal

As human populations expand, it results in greater contact with domestic and wild animals, providing more opportunities for diseases to pass from one to the other. 
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White Revolution 2.0: What a simple plastic ear-tag can do for milk productivity & profits

India’s largest private sector dairy company shows the way through an animal tagging project, covering over 5.6 lakh cows.
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NDDB’s Role in the White Revolution and Challenges Ahead

Operation Flood was the first programme in the world to use food aid for development. It also introduced modern liquid milk processing plants and created a National Milk Grid. NDDB worked as a catalyst innovating tanker design, milk packaging and dispensing, and arranging a national marketing network. The cooperative structure has been a catalyst for the extraordinary growth of India’s dairy industry.
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National Dairy Plan

National Dairy Plan-Phase I (NDP-I), launched in 2011–12, is a scientifically planned initiative to help increase the productivity of milch animals and provide rural milk producers with greater access to the organised milk processing sector. The World Bank aided project also plans to ensure that small producers adopt appropriate technologies so as to remain competitive.
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White Revolution 3.0?

Verghese Kurien, the father of White revolution, on whose birthday we celebrate the National Milk day on 26th November, would have been very pleased today. From a chronic milk deficit country in 1950-51, with a production of 19 million tonnes per year (MMT), the production has increased to 176 MMT in 2017, and per capita availability of milk has reached 375 grams per day. In fact, with Indian milk production growing at a CAGR of 6.3% in 2017-18 and likely to continue to grow rapidly in future also, growth in milk production has outstripped population growth.
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