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In India, even if 5% of the people shift from loose to packaged milk, it can create one more Amul every year

Amul’s Managing Director shares insight on controversies and sachet economy in India’s dairy market
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India’s many marketable regional taste profiles good enough for growth

Considering the diverse taste profile in India, adapting the industry to localised taste is extremely important: Manish Bandlish
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Rs 1,400 cr Dairy Plan to be rolled out soon

In Jharkhand, we are running the state dairy federation and processing and procurement of milk in the state has crossed 0.2 million litres daily from only 5,000 to 6,000 litres a few years back.
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Amul entry into organic foods to aid farmers & consumers; help govt save on fertiliser subsidies

“There is nothing wrong if consumers have shifted to other cooperatives or other brands of butter because right now Amul is not able to meet the demand. Today we are supplying butter or other products more than the average. It is a consumer choice and there is enough room for everybody – Amul, Nandini, Aavin, Verka, Mother Dairy,” says RS Sodhi, MD, Amul India
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No plan to merge Amul with 5 other cooperatives: Sodhi

In the last one year, MRP increase has been only 9% in all varieties except full cream where it is 12% to 13% vis-à-vis price paid to the farmers have increased by 15%. If you compare the input cost increase, dry fodder cost has increased by more than 60-70%, green fodder by 40-50% and cattle feed price has increased by 20-22%. ”
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Interview: Komal Anand, Managing Director, Havmor Ice Cream

As the ice cream sector navigated a challenging terrain over the past couple of years, Lotte Confectionery’s Havmor Ice Cream focussed on e-commerce and innovation to stay afloat. Komal Anand talks to Christina Moniz about the brand’s efforts to achieve the Rs 1,000 crore revenue target, supply chain and delivery challenges in the home delivery of ice cream, and more.
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Here’s how Britannia is strengthening its Dairy portfolio

India’s cheese market is at a relatively nascent stage when compared to global markets but it is a segment that presents a lot of opportunities. Since the pandemic when people were stuck at home, there was an increase in people experimenting with cooking and owing to the role cheese plays in a lot of global cuisines, there was a surge in demand of cheese worldwide, according to reports.
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Cooperative sector is best model for Bharat’s growth: R.S. Sodhi

Cooperatives are the only way to distribute wealth and remove income disparity. I think the government has realised this, and Amul is the time-tested, profitable, well-recognised model that the government would like to replicate.
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