Artificial Insemination of 10 Lakh Cattle to Boost Milk Yield

April 28, 2023

Lucknow: With the aim to improve breed, get a higher milk yield and reduce cases of abandoned cattle, the state government has set a target of artificially inseminating 10 lakh cattle with sex-selected semen, which is credited with guaranteeing that at least 90% of cattle born are female.

In an order issued by additional chief secretary, department of animal husbandry, Rajneesh Dubey targets have been set for each district, depending on how many female cattle of reproductive age are present in each.

The target from May 2023 to March 2024, is 10 lakh cattle. So far, UP has been carrying out artificial insemination of around 1.5 lakh cattle each year.

Under the Mission Million Sexed AI Programme, the department has set a monthly and annual target and the districts will have to update the department every month.

As per the cattle census of 2019, there are 24.25 crore cows and buffaloes in the state which can reproduce. UP has been using sex-selected semen for artificial insemination since 2017 for which a Cattle Breeding Policy 2018 was initially brought in. This was amended in 2022. Currently, the owner of a female cattle is required to pay Rs 100 for each straw of sex-selected semen.

An official said most abandoned cattle are old males that are of no use. Females are useful because of their capacity to produce milk, he said and therefore, ensuring that more females are born, the problem of destitute cattle can be resolved. “Other benefits are improvement in the breed as semen on only good males is used. This would also lead to an increase in milk production capacity” he said.

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