Buttermilk proves best bet for the heat-weary

April 23, 2019

K.M. Dayashankar


This summer, Karimnagar Milk Producer Company Limited is busy making buttermilk while the sun shines, and reaping big profits too.

On a daily average, the dairy has been selling 1.2 lakh buttermilk sachets, and is working round the clock to meet rising demands for buttermilk that is selling like hot cakes at 60-odd counters in the State, including 10 daily parlours in Hyderabad, and in other local shops.

With blistering temperatures prevailing, people prefer buttermilk to stay cool and avoid chances of sunstroke. Priced at ₹5 a sachet, buttermilk flies off the shelves at town outlets much before noon due to heavy demand. Just a few weeks ago, when election campaigning was at its peak, the dairy was selling over 2 lakh packets per day.

Other products popular with the summer-scorched people are spicy lassi (₹12 per glass), sweet lassi (₹20 a glass) and flavoured (badam) milk (₹25 a bottle).

Free distribution

The buttermilk is also quenching the thirst and protecting workers employed at the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP) sites at Medigadda, Sundilla, Annaram, Nandi Medaram pump house works etc. from sunstroke. The dairy has been distributing over 20,000 packets of buttermilk to KLIP workers daily in erstwhile Karimnagar district apart from 300 packets of buttermilk to traffic police free of cost as part of its CSR programme, he added.

Karimnagar dairy chairman Ch. Rajeshwara Rao said there are plans to introduce mango lassi shortly since summer is synonymous with the fruit. He added that their dairy’s buttermilk had attained popularity because of its quality and low price. “Our buttermilk is the best and cheapest drink to quench thirst and protect from sunstroke when compared to other fruit juices and summer drinks in the market,” he stated.

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