Chitale launches takeback ‘plastic milk pouch’ project in Maharashtra

June 5, 2019

As the debate over the implementation of the extended producer responsibility (EPR) rages in Maharashtra, the Chitale Group of Industries, that runs a dairy and snacks business in the state, has begun a ‘Plastic Milk Pouch’ take back programme in association with Recykal, a start-up.

Pushkar Chitale, director, Chitale Group of Industries, said that the company is planning to implement this system through a digital platform – Uzed mobile app. The Uzed mobile app is available on Google Play store and Apple Store. Through this app, the customer has to deposit washed and dried milk bags and other plastic in collection centres near his home, the location of which is provided in the app.

The representative of the collection centre will collect the plastic material, weigh the material and the customer shall get a receipt of this on the app itself. Customers then will get loyalty points in exchange for the plastic and the accumulated points can be redeemed at reputed stores connected with this app. The pilot shall be run at Hadapsar in Pune for a period of 9 months and is likely to touch some 1 lakh consumers and 5,000 businesses, he said.

Based on the response, the group will take the programme forward to other areas in the city. Some 230 collection points have been identified at Hadapsar. These centres sell milk from Chitale and shall now also look into the recycling programme, he said.

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