Dairy development department announces plan to launch 100 milk cafes in Uttarakhand

February 15, 2023

Dairy development department announced its plan to open 100 milk cafes in the state to promote ‘Aanchal’ milk products and create job opportunities. The initiative will kick off in the Udham Singh Nagar district with two new milk cafes in Rudrapur.

The assistant director of the dairy department Rajendra Chauhan said, “With the first milk cafe already opened in Dehradun, the initiative is set to expand rapidly. The first two cafes in the city will be offering a diverse range of dishes made from Aanchal milk products. With restaurant-like facilities, customers can expect a comfortable and welcoming environment.”

Chauhan said that the initiative, spearheaded by Dairy and Animal Husbandry Minister Saurabh Bahuguna, aims to generate employment opportunities to support the local community. “The department will be investing Rs 5 lakhs in each cafe and is looking for suitable locations in the city, including the Aanchal Chilling Plant,” he said.

“The project will benefit both the local residents and Aanchal’s brand visibility. We are committed to promoting locally sourced and produced dairy products. The project’s success will inspire other states to implement similar initiatives, boosting the country’s dairy industry,” he added.

Chauhan further said, “The initiative is a continuation of Aanchal’s efforts to offer best quality dairy products to the public, with milk booths and parlours already established across the state.”

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