Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme Conducted To Encourage Dairy Business In Chhattisgarh

July 25, 2021

Raipur: State Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme is being conducted across the state by the Department of Livestock Development to encourage dairy business and increase self-employment in Chhattisgarh. Under the scheme, the unit cost of two animals is Rs 1 lakh 40 thousand, the provision of grants to the beneficiaries of the general category at a rate of 50 percent and to the benefikiaries of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes category at the rate of 66.6%.

Notable that in the current fiscal year 2021-22, 950 beneficiaries are aimed at benefiting under this scheme. Out of which 200 beneficiaries will be of Scheduled Tribes and 168 beneficIaries will be from Scheduled Castes. 527 beneficiaries including 310 scheduled tribes and 36 scheduled castes were given a grant of Rs 15 crore 17 lakhs on the establishment of a dairy unit under the State Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme in 2020-21 Has been done.

Beneficiary has been residing in Chhattisgarh for at least 5 years to avail the benefit of the scheme as per information obtained from the Operator Veterinary Services. Landless, small and marginal farmers, families below poverty line, members of dairy co-operative committee, animal parents of villages marked under Gramo Gauthan Yojana located on the dairy collection road, members of women self-help group and families engaged in dairy production from east Priority is provided under the plan. Beneficiary can establish dairy unit through bank loan (bank leakage) or own capital (self-financial). Beneficiaries interested to benefit from the scheme may submit application in the form prescribed at the nearest veterinary institution (Animal Pharmacy, Artificial Pregnancy Subcontinent, Main Village Unit, Veterinary Hospital, Artificial Abortion Center, Main Villages Section). For more information you can contact the veterinary office or institution.

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