Dairy Farmers Can Now Ensure Birth of Only Female Cattles

September 22, 2021

Animal husbandry or Cattle rearing for milk is one of the main occupations of the people in Rural India. Thus to increase the income of dairy farmers, NDDB Dairy services, a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has developed indigenous sex-sorted semen technology to ensure the birth of only female calves.

This can be seen as a game-changer for cattle farmers as only female calves are produced with 90% accuracy against 50:50 male to female ratio with normal semen.

The field trials of the technology were found to be impressive and the first female calf from the sex-sorted semen dose was produced at Alamadhi Semen Station (Tamil Nadu), in a farm near Chennai in October 2020.

How will it increase the Income of Dairy Farmers?

Extensive use will increase the number of female cattle thereby increasing the income of farmers as there will be more milk production. This technology may result in reduction in population of male cattle thereby limiting stray cattle population in the country.

How does this technology work?

In this technique X & Y Chromosome is sorted out & separated. The sorted semen can be stored in liquid Nitrogen for years. Depending upon the demand, frozen semen straw of the desired sex can be inseminated in the cow.

Farmers to Enter in Contract for Assured Pregnancy

Accelerated Breed Improvement Programme using Sex Sorted semen is started by the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying.

In this Programme, Implementing Agencies will enter into a contract with farmers for getting assured pregnancy using this technique. The farmer will have to deposit his share of Rs 750 (during first two years of the project ) & Rs 400 from the 3rd year onwards.

The farmers will be advised to register their Cows in 1st to 3rd lactation to be included in the programme. Animals to be covered under the programme shall be assessed by an Artificial Insemination-technician for fertility, reproductive disorders etc. Only animals with high fertility shall be covered under the programme.

If successful pregnancy is not delivered even after 3rd AI in a Cow/ Buffalo then the entire amount will be returned to the concerned farmer by IA. If male calf is born then, Rs 500 will be returned to the farmer.

Maximum two animals per farmer will be selected for AI using the sex-sorted semen for getting assured pregnancy.

AI technicians shall deliver the Artificial insemination service at the farmer’s doorstep following the prescribed Standard Operating Procedure.

Sex Sorted Semen Technology in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has developed a facility to pre-determine sex of a calf. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan inaugurated the state of the Art “Sex sorted semen production laboratory” under the National Gokul Mission.

This will help the state to reach the peak in Milk Production. High-quality Cows & Buffaloes will be available in the state; therefore MP will not have to buy milk & its products from other states.

Although the semen straw in the international market is very expensive, but the state government would subsidize the cost so that farmers could get it at an affordable price & get the calf of the desired sex.

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