District milk producers’ unions strengthened in Rajasthan

June 30, 2021

The role of the district milk producers’ unions has been strengthened in Rajasthan as part of a drive to promote the dairy sector, which is being expanded to give employment to more people during the pandemic. The cattle rearers in the remote villages and hamlets have been connected with the network for milk supply to urban consumers.

State Mines and Gopalan Minister Pramod Bhaya said here on Tuesday a dialogue had been initiated with the presidents of the unions to know of the issues in the rural dairy sectors and get their feedback.

Remunerative prices

Mr. Bhaya said the unions had been informed of the State government’s intention to formulate an action plan for welfare of milk producers and cattle rearers, while ensuring remunerative prices for them by linking them with dairy committees and federations. The action plan would also ensure a significant increase in milk collection in the villages, he said.

“In addition to the promotion of cattle rearing, an easy and fast delivery of dairy products to the urban consumers remains a challenge.” The dairy movement would be strengthened with innovative steps and support to animal husbandry along with the expansion of dairy sector.

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