Goa: Rs 1 crore subsidy for dairy community farming unveiled

June 21, 2019



PANAJI: With the objective to encourage large dairy units in the state and boost milk production, the Goa government has come out with a scheme to provide subsidy of up to Rs 1 crore for community dairy farming.

In a notification issued on Thursday, the animal husbandry department said the subsidy is limited to a maximum of Rs 1 crore at the rate of 50% of permissible unit cost.

The department said that the concept of community dairy farming had been under the consideration of the government for a long time to facilitate group of people coming together with a common intention of taking up dairy farming on community basis. The government had observed that the small units of around ten cow dairy farms are not much profitable to take up as a business entrepreneur.

The scheme was proposed to encourage such dairy farming with minimum of 50 milch animals and with latest ultra modern equipment which can be availed by a community group of minimum of five members.

The beneficiary community group will have to run the unit for at least ten years after igning an agreement with the directorate of animal husbandry and veterinary services. The subsidy will be released only after completion of the unit in all respects and only after it is certified by the department committee set up for the purpose.

Any group having at least five members should possess irrigated land for green odder cultivation at the rate of minimum of 5 acres for 50 animals. Each member would have to be a resident of Goa for atleast five years and having some experience in dairy management.

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