Hatsun to increase milk collection in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra

July 28, 2022

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd.(HAP), a leading private sector dairy company in India, with brands ‘Arokya’, ‘Hatsun’, ‘Arun Ice creams’ has announced its procurement expansion plans in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra. HAP has over 3,100 milk collection centres that benefit farmers across various villages in the three States. HAP plans to aggressively expand this network of milk collection centres in these States to effectively serve over 1 lakh farmers, HAP announced in a press statement.

HAP plans to further position its milk collection centres at remote locations to ensure farmers have access to the facility and help them reap the benefit of having access to such a facility in their own village, thereby providing them with market access. HAP procures milk from select fine quality cattle collected directly from around 4,00,000 farmers.

Hastun has heavily invested in procurement infrastructure over the years to effectively handle a significant volume of milk. “It is India’s first dairy company to work on increasing farmer income by reducing the cost of production. The company has been collaborating at the university level to commercialize its high-yielding, protein-rich hybrid Napier green fodder (kambu/bajra) such as Co-4 and Co-5,” HAP added.

Hybrid fodder

Many of HAP’s farmers have halved the cost of feeding their cows by cultivating Co-4 and Co-5 hybrid fodder. By using cow dung as manure, brush-cutters to save harvesting labour, rain-guns to cut water consumption and milking machines, labour costs have reduced significantly.

Hatsun ensures a complete cold chain right from milk procurement, processing and supply chain logistics until the milk and milk products reach the retail point. The collected milk is processed at its processing facilities and distributed through around 3,500 exclusive daily outlets of HAP..

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