Himalayan Creamery ties up with dairy tech startup Mr Milkman

March 20, 2019


Dairy farm Himalayan Creamery on Wednesday announced partnership with tech startup Mr Milkman for the launch of a co-branded application for milk subscription and delivery.

Few other organisations like Milk Mantra, Whyte Farms, Amlaan A2 Milk, Go4Life and Milk Valley Farms have also partnered with Mr Milkman for hassle-free operations and smooth delivery.

“With this partnership, we aim to improve delivery services and manage milk subscriptions. We are confident that Mr Milkman’s technology will ensure operations in a smoother and more organised manner,” Mr Milkman founder Samarth Setia said.

Mr Milkman said its cloud-based ‘SaaS platform’ will provide Punjab-based Himalayan Creamery with automated processes enabling them to track subscriptions, revenue, sales growth, payments and customer consumption patterns.

The application offers features such as order-tracking and delivery, inventory management, and reverse logistics for glass bottles. This allows the delivery person to know how much milk to carry and deliver to individual houses, it said.

The partnership will operate on a revenue sharing model. While Himalayan Creamery will head the logistics of the business, Mr Milkman will handle the technology aspect, it added.

Additionally, the real-time data-driven analytical dashboard will empower Himalayan Creamery to create distribution channel hubs to manage their transportation and end-customer delivery.

Himalayan Creamery founder and CEO Deepak Gupta said, “One of the greatest challenges in the dairy industry is managing inventory and logistics. Our partnership with Mr Milkman will assist us streamline our logistic and inventory management and allow us to focus on production and growth“.

Himalayan Creamery, founded in 2016, is located in Patiala, Punjab. Unlike an aggregator, it is home to 350 Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows which produce daily of over 4,000 litres of unadulterated milk.

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