In deal with Mexican firm, dairy board to supply 15,000 biogas plants in Gujarat, Maharashtra

February 18, 2023

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) signed an MoU with Mexico-based Sistema Bio on Friday for supplying 15,000 biogas plants to farmers in Surat, Kolhapur and Pune.

As per this agreement, farmers owning two or three cows or buffaloes will be given biomass plants at the subsidised rate of Rs 5,990. “The actual cost of these plants is around Rs 40,000. The company has made a good model where there is no need to provide any government subsidy. The company will generate carbon credits and use them,” said Meenesh Shah, chairman of NDDB after signing the agreement.

The NDDB had partnered with the same private firm for a pilot project at a village in Anand. “About 370 households with livestock were given biogas plants. Today each and every one of them is functional and saves Rs 1,200 as these families need not depend on wood or alternative fuels,” he said.

Shah said the slurry from the biogas plants in households was collected at the Vasna GIDC, where organic manure is being produced and sold by a cooperative run by women.

“Anand Agriculture University had undertaken a study that found a 30 per cent rise in crop yield for farmers using the organic fertiliser. The idea of increasing the incomes of farmers from cow dung came up when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to inaugurate a chocolate factory at Mogar. We launched a pilot project in Jakhariyapura village, where we gave a free biogas plant of 2 cubic metres, which is enough for the cooking and heating needs of a family of four-five members,” he said.

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