Indore Dugdh Sangh to Supply 95 Tonne Milk for Army in Jammu& Kashmir

April 15, 2019

Meenakshi Sharma | TNN


INDORE: Indore Dugdh Sangh willsupply about 95 tonne of milk to armed forces in Jammu and Kashmir during summers.

The cooperative was cleared in hygiene inspection by the forces while other formalities for supplying milk to the forces are being carried out.

Indore Dugdh Sangh is the only centre in the state that has been supplying milk to the armed forces since 2014. Indore Cooperative Dugdh Sangh chief executive officer A N Dwivedi said the supply will commence from June. It had supplied about 75 tonne of milk to armed forces during last summers.

Dwivedi said, “We willsupply higher quantity to forces this year as compared to last year because we have the highest surplus of milk across all centres in the state.” As per Dwivedi, the surplus of milk in the region has touched about 90,000 litres this summer. Daily milk collection at the Indore Sangh is between 3.5 lakh litres to 3.7 lakh litres per day as against the consumption of 2.6 lakh litres.

At present, Indore Cooperative Dugdh Sangh is supplying milk to Sagar district and might supply to a few other centres in summers. As per the cooperative, present stock of butter and powder at Indore is about 1,200 tonne and 1,000 tonne respectively.

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