‘Jagan Anna Palavelluva’ scheme to boost dairy sector from December

November 12, 2021

Krishna district administration and Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Corporation (APDDC) have decided to improve the dairy industry in the district. ‘Jagan Anna Palavelluva’ scheme will be implemented across 300 select villages in the district from December 2021 and officials are now focusing on motivating women.

As per reports with APDDC, all sectors faced hardships and suffered losses due to Covid-19, except the dairy industry which earned around 20 per cent additional profits.

Krishna district which is considered as the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh is also known for good dairy products. Around 3.5 lakh families in the district are dependent on the dairy industry and women play a prominent role in running farms.

The APDDC is now focusing on forming cooperative women groups in 300 villages under the limits of 201 Raithu Bharosa Kendrams (RBKs).

The scheme will be implemented in 10 routes of Nandigama cluster and 9 routes of Nuzvid clusters.

Babu A, director of APDDA, said the members can earn up to Rs 75 per liter milk based on the quality. Milk will be collected at the centers and transported to chilling stations.

He said the state government is spending Rs 4,000 crore to implement the scheme in 9,899 villages. Bulk cooling units will also be established.

He asked the agriculture and panchayat raj authorities to motivate the farmers and women by explaining the benefits of ‘Jagan Anna Palavelluva’ scheme. Member can take Rs 30,000 loan without any guarantee and also get aid of Rs 1.6 lakh to buy cattle.

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