Madras Veterinary College to start artificial insemination in cattle with sexed semen method

August 12, 2019

Binita Jaiswal


CHENNAI: Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of Madras Veterinary College will soon start artificial insemination in cattle using sexed semen. The breeding technology will enhance female calves production in the State, said a senior faculty of the college.

The sexed semen technology allows preselecting the sex of calves. In insemination, sperms are capable of producing only female cattle, as over 90 per cent sperms carrying X chromosomes, are used.

According to sources in the college, the authorities have plans to start artificial insemination in cattle using sexed semen within next six months. Camps will be conducted in different districts and the procedure will be carried out. Prior to it, awareness camps will be conducted among farmers of districts about the technology and its advantages.

“The animal husbandry department has decided to implement the artificial insemination through sexed semen to give the much needed boost to dairy farmers. The State government has decided to procure sexed semen from the best agencies in other states. Even the Centre is also promoting the technique,” said a senior faculty member of the department. Notably, since the late 1990s, artificial insemination in cattle using frozen semen is being practised in the State.

According to sources, a laboratory will be set up to store the sexed semen. States like Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh have sexed semen production facility. According to experts, the technique will immensely benefit dairy farmers as they can now make sure the new offspring of their cow is a female calf. Due to mechanisation of farm operations and acute shortage of grazing lands, farmers do not prefer male calves as it becomes a liability for them.

“The sexed semen technique will also help to boost milk production in the State which is necessary to meet the rising demand,” said Cecilia Joseph, Professor of Gynaecology department.Artificial insemination is the technique in which semen with living sperms is collected from the male and introduced into female reproductive tract.

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