Milk producers in Jharkhand to get subsidy of Rs 1 per litre from August 30

August 28, 2021

Before the festival season the state government has announced a subsidy of Rs one per litre for the milk producers who supply their milk to the Jharkhand Milk Federation.

The money will be transferred into the accounts of the farmers through the Jharkhand Milk Federation. The scheme will benefit nearly 40,000 registered milk producers of the rural areas of the state.

The Jharkhand Milk Federation on a daily buys 1.25 lakh litres to 1.50 lakh litres of milk from the milk producers. The scheme will be started from August 30.

As per the data provided by the state government in Jharkhand at present per person, milk consumption daily was at an average of 190 grams which the state government plans to increase to 210 grams. The state government has also set a target to increase milk production during the fiscal year to 29.13 lakh metric tonnes.

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