NDRI uses clone technology to develop buffalo calf ‘Tejas’ for high milk yield

September 20, 2020


KARNAL — The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal has developed a high yield breed buffalo calf “Tejas” which will help in increasing milk production and farmers’ income across the country.

“The NDRI is progressing further in animal cloning. Recently, NDRI has developed a buffalo calf using the hand guided cloning technology. The male calf named ‘Tejas’ is the clone of the high yield buffalo breed. This will help in increasing milk production of buffaloes in the country,” NDRI Director Dr M.S. Chauhan told ANI here.

He said the country’s largest dairy research centre was working to increase the milk production in the country as part of the national effort to increase the income of farmers, he said.

Chauhan said that the new clone Tejas is of the Murrah breed of buffaloes which are known for their high milk yield.

“By 2021-22, there would be a requirement of 140 million doses of semen in the country for artificial insemination whereas the current availability is of 85 million doses only,” he said.

Chauhan said that in the last ten years, 16 clones of buffaloes have been developed in the country using cells from their milk, ears, urine, blood and semen.

In 2009, the NDRI had produced the first female buffalo clone named Garima at the institute. Garima then gave birth to Mahima and Karishma in 2013 and 2014 through normal birth.

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