Parag Milk Foods launches fat-free milk

June 29, 2021

Parag Milk Foods announced on Tuesday, that it is expanding its portfolio by launching ‘fat-free milk’ under its premium milk brand, Pride of Cows.

The company aims to provide an alternative to consumers seeking all the goodness of Pride of Cows without fats. The fat-free milk will be available via a subscription-based model from June 28, 2021. It will be priced at Rs 120 per litre in Mumbai, Pune and Surat, while prices in Delhi will be Rs 140 per litre.

The product will be adulteration-free, highly nutritious and untouched by human hands. It will be delivered fresh via the company’s farm-to-home business model directly to customers at their doorstep every day.

Additionally, the company also mentioned its plans to expand its Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm to more than 15,000 cows by 2026. Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm primarily supplies milk exclusively under its brand, ‘Pride of Cows’. The brand portfolio expansion is a positive step towards the company’s goal of increasing its milk production capacity to 2,00,000 litres by 2026.

Parag Milk Foods has been a leader in the premium milk segment for a decade now and operates prominent brands such as Gowardhan, Go, Pride of Cows and Avvatar. The current portfolio expansion under the Pride of Cows brand is targeted towards a niche audience.

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