Want more milk in summer? Let bovines chill

March 29, 2019

TNN | March 29, 2019 

INDORE: Keeping buffaloes and cows under water sprinklers, foggers and coolers can help maintain milk production capacity during summer, a study conducted by doctors in veterinary college and hospital revealed.

According to Dr Sandeep Nanavati, professor at veterinary college Mhow said, “It is noticed that during summer season, capacity of milk production in buffaloes and cow decreases by around 25%. Due to this, several times, the milkmen either mix more water to meet his requirement or raise milk prices.”

The basic reason behind decrease in milk production during summer is high temperature and buffaloes have black-coloured skin, which absorbs more heat due to which they are unable to conceive during that period therefore the milk production decreases.

Dr Nanavati said, “To experiment with temperature, a group of three buffaloes and three cows were kept in open as they were kept, while a similar group of cattle were kept in shed with sprinklers and foggers to maintain a lower temperature in shed.” He said that it was found that when cattle were kept in normal temperature, milk production had reduced by 25% while for cattle kept in shed and under sprinklers, production capacity reduced only by 10%.

He said the set up can be arranged for Rs 15000 in which sprinklers can be installed in a 2000 square feet shed in which around 20 cattle can stay.

Dr Nanvati said, “The fogger and timer will have a timer for 10 minutes and will have a break for three minutes as this will also help in saving water.

He added, “The buffaloes and cows should be taken out for grazing either early morning hours or during late evening hours to avoid heat and sunlight. While cattle should be given urea mineral and molasses block, also called buffalo chocolate, as the cattle lick it and get necessary minerals which they need during summer season.

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