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September 29, 2022


Milk plant inaugurated in Mandi

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur today inaugurated a new Milkfed Plant of over 50,000 litres capacity at Chakkar in the Balh area of Mandi district. It has been constructed at a cost of Rs 16.32 crore. He also inaugurated a Community Health Centre at Gagal and a Primary Health Centre at Rajgarh. He said the […]

India is the future of global dairy: IDF President

India is the future of the global dairy industry and it has a huge potential to increase milk output, said Piercristiano Brazzale, President, International Dairy Federation (IDF). He credited India’s small farmer-led cooperative dairy model for its leadership position. Brazzale was in India for IDF’s four-day World Dairy Summit organised in Greater Noida during September […]

Mother Dairy expecting 20% revenue growth in FY23 to Rs 15,000 crore

Delhi-NCR’s leading milk supplier Mother Dairy is expecting 20 per cent growth in turnover this fiscal year to about Rs 15,000 crore on better demand for products, its MD Manish Bandlish said. The turnover of Mother Dairy, which also sells edible oils and fruits & vegetables, stood at Rs 12,500 crore in last fiscal year. […]

With unexplored dairy-potential areas as target, NDP-II is set for rollout from April 2023

The second phase of ambitious dairy development project – National Dairy Plan (NDP-II) with the World Bank support is set to kick-off from April next year with a targeted focus on the unexplored dairy-potential areas in the country. This comes about three years after the first phase NDP-I was ended with the financial closure in […]

New sex-sorting tech to multiply milch animal count

An indigenously developed, relatively inexpensive technology, which could lead to proliferation of female calves via artificial insemination will be available to India’s dairy farmers by the end of this year. The technique of sorting out ‘Y’ chromsomes – which causes birth of male calves – from processed semen of bulls, is expected to multiply population […]


How co-operative dairying made India, the cream of the world

The story of 75 years of India’s independence can’t be complete without a chapter on its dairy cooperatives. After seven-and-a-half decades, as we stand today, we see India as a rising global force to reckon with, and the cooperative dairy sector has much to claim credit for. On 15th August 1947, as India gained independence, […]

R S Sodhi

Why India's next Operation Flood should be of non-bovine milk

In Nitya S Ghotge’s survey, “Livestock and Livelihoods: The Indian Context”, she notes that in Ahmedabad the term ‘shecago milk’ is occasionally used. This does not, as it may sound, have anything to do with the American city. As the spelling suggests, it refers to “Sheep-Camel-Goat” milk, all mixed together. During summers, when regular cow […]

Vikram Doctor

The Dairy Disruptors

Minati Patnaik, a 55-year-old homemaker in Bhubaneswar had been buying milk from a local milkman for over three decades. Though the latter was infamous for adulterating the milk, Minati chose to ignore it as she had heard worse stories of adulteration by local milk co-operatives. It’s been five years since Minati switched allegiance to Milky […]


Women Empowerment – The Indian Way

India has a leading sector globally, which employs over 70% women of the country. This sector is our Dairy Industry. This is a revolution that has occurred in rural India. There is no other bigger example of women empowerment than our Indian Dairy Sector. It has been observed that every morning women get up early […]


Dr Verghese Kurien: A practical idealist

The Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union came into being on December 14, 1946, well before Verghese Kurien arrived in Anand. The credit for creating the cooperative – which was already collecting some 7,250 litres of milk daily from nearly 2,000 farmers in 27 villages when the 28-year-old mechanical engineer joined as manager on January […]




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