Alfa Laval T10-EW sets a new standard for efficiency and durability in high-pressure duties

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“With the growing trend toward natural refrigerants, we have seen more customers in refrigeration and heat recovery turning to ammonia-based systems, with CO2 as a secondary medium,” explains Tommy Ångbäck, Sales Director Refrigeration at Alfa Laval. “However, the pressure demands of these systems, and the need to prevent cross-contamination of the media, have long forced system builders to choose between sacrificing reliability or sacrificing thermal performance.”

Traditionally, the options for a heat exchanger in ammonia/CO2 cascade systems have been limited. Many businesses have chosen low-efficiency units like shell-and-tube models, which can withstand the required pressure cycles. Others have opted for solutions like fully-welded plate-and-shell designs, which provide significantly higher thermal efficiency, but can crack under pressure, resulting in leaks and unplanned downtime.


Features that make the difference

“With Alfa Laval semi-welded heat exchangers like the new T10-EW, business no longer have to settle,” says Ångbäck. “Our units are loaded with patented next-generation features that ensure the highest possible efficiency, with no risk of cracking.”

These features include numerous design elements that provide better overall utilization of the plate surface and secure increased throughput with lower pressure drop. One example is Alfa Laval’s unique CurveFlow™ distribution area, which optimizes media flow across the whole of the plate surface for improved thermal transfer.

At the same time, the RefTight™ gasket system provides even more reliable sealing than before, minimizing the potential risk of cross-contamination. Compared to fully-welded designs, Alfa Laval’s semi-welded cassettes also provide the higher fatigue resistance required to handle repeated temperature and pressure cycles day after day, year after year.


Dependable performance in the toughest jobs

“While our next-generation semi-welded technology is suitable for a wide range of high-pressure duties, they offer particular benefits in industrial ammonia heat pump and cold storage ammonia/CO2 applications,” says Ångbäck.

Today, many businesses are increasingly turning to heat pumps for recovering energy that would otherwise be wasted. Thanks to improved efficiency, Alfa Laval’s modern range of semi-welded heat exchangers is creating new opportunities to get the most out of an industrial heat recovery system.

“From district heating and data centres to chemical plants and mechanical industries, they represent a reliable solution for improved sustainability,” adds Ångbäck.

Similarly, the next-generation semi-welded heat exchanger range is opening new possibilities for cascade systems used for cooling and cold storage applications. “RefTight™ and similar features make it possible to achieve safe and efficient performance with a lower ammonia charge than competing solutions,” Ångbäck concludes. “And improved fatigue resistance ensures greater piece of mind in these high-pressure systems.”

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About Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

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