Know Your Milk Quality Better With The Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

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The dairy industry has a significant contribution to the domestic as well as global market. But milk being a perishable liquid poses a huge challenge. As the demand for milk and its commodities are on a constant rise, maintenance of its quality and purity is not just challenging but bewildering. Lack of transparency and inaccuracy in milk testing methods may result in a non-optimal payout to the farmers.

For long, these issues have kept both farmers and dairy organizations perplexed and unsatisfied with the manual methods of milk testing. But not any longer! Having observed and assayed these shortcomings, Prompt has provided a complete solution to enhance the dairy ecosystem at the farm level, collection centre level, or dairy level. Introducing accurate and reliable milk testing equipment has greatly helped to maintain this equilibrium.



About Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

Our Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer is a patented product that works on the principle of Ultrasonic waves. It measures and records milk fat, Solids Not Fat (SNF), added water and milk density. All this data can sync on the cloud in real-time. The device can be calibrated through a Bluetooth enabled mobile app eliminates the need for manual intervention. Prompt’s Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer benefits all the stakeholders of the supply chain viz. the farmers, Milk Collection Centers, and Dairy cooperatives, by displaying accurate milk parameters. Prompt’s iSmart Milk Analyzer is the only 100% indigenous product in the market, supporting the Prime Ministers call of Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

Accurate milk quality results, robust make, easy-to-operate, and good repeatability are the features that make the product indispensable to the dairy sector.

Significant Features of Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer:

  • The product is durable, irrespective of the weather conditions.
  • A simple one-touch analysis makes it easy to operate.
  • Milk Datalog, Error Log and Calibration Datalog are saved on the cloud. This real-time data can be used by the Dairy to make insightful and analytical business decisions.
  • The data that is saved or retrieved from the cloud is encrypted and stored on the cloud.
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • The USB host interface device allows the extraction of data.

iSmart Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer assures all the stakeholders about the quality of the milk. This increased transparency assures the farmers of the optimal payout for the milk poured.

The amalgamation of convenience with solutions to concerns makes this product valuable. As Prompt prides itself by designing India’s first intelligent and indigenous milk testing machine, smart vision to transform the dairy industry with its technological innovations has turned the dream of many into reality.

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