Move over plant based, cell culture and fungi. Here comes the first “Dairy-Based” alternative meats

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Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, seafood.  All are delicious.

Orlando, Florida – The world of alternative meats has been a topic of conversation for years now.   The press, venture financing, climate activists and now world governments  like to discuss the future of this field albeit good, bad or ugly.   Those points of discussion have 100% revolved around plant-based, cell culture and fungi. Perhaps that is because there weren’t other viable options.

That is until now, where there is a new 4th option.

Here comes the new field of “dairy-based meat”. Meats made from all natural milk. One of the most nutritious materials on Earth in addition to being ubiquitous. And its a food source everyone is familiar with.

Pioneering this new world of “dairy-based meat” is Top Protein of Orlando Florida, a startup protein technology company that has been stealthily developing this new category of alternative dairy-meat for 4 years.   The company may be new but it is led by a highly experienced team of food scientists, protein technology and human nutrition experts who have been working in the industry for decades.

Top Protein’s dairy-based meat portfolio includes whole cuts, shredded red and white meats as well as large tubes of soft make-your-own beef, chicken & pork like meats.  Then there are burgers, chicken cutlets, hot dogs, pulled pork, brisket, scallops and fish filets.  There is even filet mignon. All made from milk. All perfect for the vegetarian consumer who wants high quality protein vs the low quality incomplete proteins found in plants and fungi based products.

With a world population seemingly outpacing the available meat supply, Top Protein sees the need for real cost effective solutions not theoretical possibilities and certainly not untested science projects.  Thats why the company believes dairy-based meats are the “bridge to the future”.   The company’s high quality meats can be made and delivered to all parts of the world, provide jobs, build local supply chains that include and incorporate existing farms and dairies, help advance regenerative agriculture, promote responsible sustainability, and most importantly feed the growing population.

Top Protein is readying its products for the retail, food service and institutional markets.  With protein quality scores that blow away real meat never mind the alternative meat competition and a manufacturing process that produces no waste, the company feels its products can deliver what others cannot –  an sustainable meat scoring big in nutrient density and affordability.

To all dairy companies and investors worldwide, it’s time to join up with Top Protein.   And be part of the bridge to feeding the future world.

For more information, please email [email protected].

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