Smart Digital Reader for Bovine Ear Tag

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Finally, one can be relieved from the arduous task of manually entering the ear Bovtag number which is often prone to errors. Here is an affordable, accurate and error-free digital solution, the BovTag Reader App!

We are happy to introduce India’s first and only mobile application which reads the existing ear tags carrying unique identification numbers of the animals. Significantly, this works even in an offline mode.


How does a digital ear tag reader work?

Having installed this app on an android phone with minimum required specifications, the user simply needs to click an image of the tag through this app. The ear tag can be detected even from the full image. The app automatically extracts the unique identification number of the tag, which is subsequently displayed to the user in digital form. Once confirmed, the image gets uploaded. Thereafter, the data is stored on the cloud.

Its functionality in the offline mode makes it more user friendly especially in the remote villages where internet is not easily available. The data will be stored on the device till it gets internet connectivity. Furthermore, given the natural conditions at the farms, the app can read the tag even if it is scratched or has dirt on it. Moreover, it can read tags of any size, colour and font.

Salient Features of Digital Ear Tag Reader:

This digital reader, built on complex algorithms and advanced image processing technologies, can read the tag in less than ten seconds. Since the app uses mobile phone flash, the reading is possible even in poor lighting.  Additionally, its auto adjustment feature ascertains better image quality. Reading of the tag is possible from a distance of 1.2 metres (4-feet) using the mobile phone’s built-in zoom camera.

Why BovTag? 

  • The software records real-time, date, time and geo-location.
  • This digital ear tag reader is quite affordable. It is not expensive since it does not require any other electronic device as in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).
  • It is fully compliant with most android phones.
  • It makes cattle identification easy and effective. With just a click of a button, cattle can be located and identified easily. The geo-tagging makes the captured data quite reliable.
  • The unique identification number can be further integrated with any existing farm management or cattle management software which helps in tracking all the details of the animal.

The Beneficiaries

Apart from the state milk federation and private dairies, the government and NGOs dealing in various animal husbandry and extension services, can use this app for data authentication. All the stakeholders will also be the beneficiaries.

Come let’s take the next step towards making the tough job of cattle management less strenuous and more effective!

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