E-Conference On Innovations & Advancements in the Indian Dairy Industry

September 8, 2021
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India is the leading milk-producing country worldwide, accounting for one-fifth of the global milk production. In the past few years, the Indian dairy industry has received a tremendous boost through technology-driven products, services and solutions. Innovative technologies are assisting the dairy industry manage their businesses seamlessly. As the largest producer of milk in the world, India are a key player in the dairy industry and the opportunity for growth is significant. Although the dairy industry has experienced challenges in recent years, the appetite and demand for dairy products is on the rise.

In recent years there have been significant technological advancements in the Indian dairy industry. Alongside technological developments to improve farming methods and the organizational supply chain, big data is another arena which Indian companies are turning to. Connecting to the changing wants and needs of consumers is important for the dairy industry to keep on top of trends.

Dairy has become an attractive source of natural proteins, and as such many dairy products are being positioned as functional foods and beverages. As a key player in the global dairy market, India are positioned to be industry leaders. Although operational challenges still account for major loses, investment in technology and attention to changing consumer needs have already contributed to considerable improvements. With strong export estimates forecast, the dairy industry in India remains one of the country’s most lucrative markets.

To take a look at some key new-age dairy technologies , Indian Chamber of Commerce would be organizing a Two Day E-Conference on “Innovations & Advancements in the Indian Dairy Industry” on 8-9th  September 2021 at 3.00 pm.

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