Webinar on New Trends & Technologies in Yoghurt Processing

October 27, 2021
Online, Webinar, Webinar
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The use of milk and milk by-products is very common in food habits of ours in India for ages. The use of fermentation of milk is done since prehistoric times. We commonly know only curd and its diluted form as buttermilk and lassi in our usage. Yoghurt as a fresh product and long shelf-life product has created its special place in our diet.

In India, few processors have the knowledge and expertise necessary to seize on the business opportunities in Yoghurt Processing,

Are you curious about how to grab the same?

Join this Free webinar on New Trends & Technologies in Yoghurt Processing to get your share of knowledge on,
• The growth potential of yoghurt markets
• Different types of Yoghurts
• Basic process technology
• Challenges in handling Viscous Yoghurts
• Future growth prospects as a value-added niche product


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Location: Online, Webinar, Webinar
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