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Contact Person: Mr Neeraj Kumar (Managing Director)

Products: Bucket Milking System, Bulk Milk Coolers, Calf Feeding Solutions, Cow Comfort Solutions, Farm Management Systems, Farm Planning, Feeding Solutions, Manure Handling Solution, Midline Milking Parlour, Milk Cooling Tanks, Milking Parlour for Small Commercial Farms, Parallel Milking Parlour, Rotary Herring Bone Milking Parlour, Speedline, Total Mixed Ration (TMR) Wagon, Udder Hygiene Products

DeLaval is a global technology leader offering Integrated dairy farming solutions such as mechanized –automated Milking, TMR wagon for feeding , cow comfort solutions , barn solutions, calf feeding and comfort solutions  for Buffalo, Gir cow , Goats and Gaushalas. The DeLaval solutions are designed to contribute towards performance and efficiency of operations of a dairy farm or a Gaushala. Our solutions ensures using less natural resources and limiting their operational impact on the environment whilst maintaining a healthy working routine.B

Contact Persons:

Dr. Ram Patil : 9970089448
Mr Mukund Rane : 9011000408

Products & Solutions:

Bucket Milking for Small farms (10 to 40 Cows and Buffaloes)

  • Bucket Milking Machine for HF, Cow & Desi Cow
  • Bucket Milking Machine for Buffalo

Speedline Milking parlours (40 to 100 Cows and Buffaloes)

  • Speedliene Milking Parlour Flat Barn
  • Speedliene Milking Parlour with Pit

Milking parlours (100 to 1000 Cows)

  • Midiline Parlours
  • Herringbone Parlours
  • Parallel Parlours
  • Rotary Parlours

Feeding Solutions  

  • Mobile Mixer Wagon
  • Stationary Mixers
  • Feed Stations
  • Calf Feeders

Barn Solutions

  • Cow Cooling
  • Walking Area Products
  • Sort Gates and Partitions
  • Water Troughs and Bowl
  • Resting Cubicles

Cow Comfort Solutions

  • Swinging Cow Brush
  • Stationary Brush
  • Mini Swinging Brush MSB
  • Cow Mat
  • Curreycomb Plastic
  • Dairy Fan

Udder Health and Hygiene

  • California Mastitis Test CMT
  • DeLaval Cell Counter DCC
  • Dip Cups
  • Teat Sprayer System
  • Eco Paper EP100
  • Teat Dips Dipal Conc, Lactisan and Lactifence
  • Udder Towel
  • Biofoam

Bulk Milk Coolers – Direct Expansion

  • Closed Type
  • Open Type

Delpro – Farm Management Software

  • Activity Meter

Manure Assortment 

  • Scrapers
  • Slurry Separators
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Manure Spreaders


  • Acid Detergents
  • Alkaline Detergents
  • Cleaning Brushes
  • Farm Wear

Training and Consultancy Services

  • Modern Dairy Farm Training
  • Farm Consultancy
Regional Offices:


Gujarat Office:

202, Shanti Complex ,Opp. Salvation Army English Medium School, Amul Dairy Road Anand 388001.

Mob: 97129 46485

Rajasthan: 9723467485
Maharashtra and Goa: 9665099390, 9970006396, 9752051885
Madhya Pradesh: 9909946487
Chattisgarh: 8600955594


Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: 8600955594
Karnataka and Tamil Nadu: 9652623451
Kerala: 9895703827


Punjab, Haryana, Jammu Kashmir
and Himachal Pradesh: 7420086036
New Delhi and NCR: 9909946487
Uttar Pradesh: 7757002662, 9909946487
Bihar and Jharkhand: 7387001058


West Bengal, Odisha and Northeast: 7387001058

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh: 9665099385

Nepal: 9909946487

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