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Dr Verghese Kurien: A practical idealist

Remembering Dr Verghese Kurien, the ‘Milkman of India’ who would have turned hundred today. How he built what is now a $5.3 billion-turnover dairy enterprise owned by 3.6 million farmers.

Understanding Milk: Sifting the Real from the Clones

Exercise choice, but shun activism- it hurts the farmer, it hurts the poor, it hurts nutritional security, and it hurts common sense. Let your choice be an INFORMED one, based on facts and science not merely on belief and sentiments. And please do allow the others too to exercise this right of choice, especially the overwhelming numbers who like, and are conditioned to begin, and maybe even end, their day with a glass of milk; curd, paneer, ice cream et.al. served their way during the day. And please do understand, against the backdrop of widely prevailing hunger and malnutrition, very few are able to even exercise a choice of food, leave aside the dream of emulating food elitism such as veganism. You believe in it, go ahead but don’t impose it. Now let us get some facts straight.

Cooperatives 2.0

We have 33 supermarkets at the moment. The target is 1,500 in five years.” S.B. Jayaraj, who is gung-ho about his organisation’s plans for Kerala, is not just another retailer. He is the general secretary of the Kerala chapter of Sahakar Bharati — a pan-India body that aims at strengthening the cooperative movement in India, and an affiliate of the RSS, the ideological parent of the ruling BJP. Jayaraj has just got Ernakulam-based Bharath Agro Processing and Marketing Cooperative (BAMCO) registered as a multi-state cooperative society. The first supermarket under the new entity has been opened recently. With over two dozen Grameen Samrudhi stores mentored by Sahakar Bharati since 2017 also being brought under the BAMCO umbrella, the society is all set to have its presence felt in the state.

Incredible Dairy India — More than Milk

As we begin the celebrations commemorating Dr Verghese Kurien’s Birth Centenary Year, let us pause for a moment to look at the significant achievements, the challenges and opportunities ahead in our dairy sector and what Dr Kurien might advise us to do.

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