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Indiadairy.com is the brainchild of Vidura Gupta, a management professional. Vidura got his exposure of the dairy sector when he was working with his father Late Shri Sharad Gupta. From handling day-to-day activities to streamlining marketing promotions for Dairy India Yearbook, Vidura executed his plans to transform the dairy sector into a digitally advanced industry by tapping into the untouched potential of dairy information sector. With four decades of impeccable image and standing in the dairy market, Indiadairy.com is the advanced version of Dairy India Yearbook which intends to provide latest dairy news, events, press releases, expert articles, contact directory of over 7000 dairy companies and a lot more.

Vidura early introduction to the nuisances of the dairy sector helped him understand the challenges which fueled his entrepreneurial dream of doing something pathbreaking. He realized that there is a huge information gap in the sector which is affecting everyone including the huge dairy conglomerates who intend to onboard dairy farmers and the ones who have small land holdings and plans to acquire dairy equipment but do not have means to do so. Indiadairy.com is a noble mission to venture into this space and help everyone to reach out to anyone.

Another thing which motivated Vidura Gupta to make Indiadairy.com a reality is the lack of marketing communication in the sector. While brands made it to consumer households through massive ad spending, the small and medium enterprises remain relatively unknown to their audience. To help them reach out to their prospective customers, Indiadairy.com will also work as an advertising platform, serving to dairy niche.

If you feel, Indiadairy.com can help you in making your dairy business a success, you can write to Vidura Gupta directly at [email protected]. He is also available on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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