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Sharad Gupta

(18th September 1960 - 6th May 2021)

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
—Winston Churchill

Shri Sharad Gupta, publisher, chronicler and a Walking Encyclopaedia of the Dairy Industry passed away on May 6, 2021 in Delhi, leaving his family and friends in the dairy industry in a state of shock.

Born in Delhi on 18th September,1960, Sharad did his schooling at St.Columbus School in Delhi and his Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing from the University of Delhi, after studying journalism at the Dateline School of Journalism.

He took over in 2006 the publishing of the Dairy India from his father, Shri P R Gupta who had started the Yearbook with the blessings of Dr V Kurien, the doyen of the Indian Dairy Industry, in 1983. With his ability and attention to detail, hard work and genial nature, Sharad Gupta seamlessly continued the legacy of his father who had endeared himself to one and all in the Indian Dairy Sector.

Under the tutelage of Shri PR Gupta, Sharad picked up extensive knowledge of the dairy business in India and abroad which enabled him to become the Walking Encyclopedia of the dairy industry. It brought him close to the policymakers, dairy professionals in the government, private processors, dairy farmers leaders and the academic community of the country which in the meantime had become the highest milk producer of the world.

Sharad Gupta and Dairy India, that he published, are synonyms. He breathed, he lived, he existed for and by Dairy India. He was a par excellence and passionate, proficient professional, knowledge seeker, information miner, data hunter, statistics stalker, all rolled-in-one for the Dairy India.

He was not only keeping the dairy industry and its policymakers fully informed of the issues and possibilities in the sector, but also engaging them in publically expressing their opinions on the potential of dairying in enriching the lives of millions of small farmers who depended on dairying for their livelihood. In the process, he earned their support and blessings.

Most believed that he was one-man editor and publisher of Dairy India. The fact and the truth is that he had created an invisible universe of educated, erudite, well-informed, professionally experienced, knowledge gatherers, academics, scientists, researchers, scholars, investigators, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and corporates. These men of letters, intellectuals and intelligent people with brainpower contributed their knowledge and comprehension as articles that he packaged. He essayed those articles and commentaries with modesty, convincing, conviction, persuasion, influence, and motivation, All of them have individually and collectively partnered with him in generating and engineering the modern Veda of the dairy world – Dairy India Yearbook.

He became an integral part of Indian Dairying. The dairy sector will miss him dearly.

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