Milk procurement by AAVIN shows upward trend again in Tiruchi region

February 9, 2022

Milk procurement by Tiruchi Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union (AAVIN) is on the rise after a brief dip during December.

It is one of the old and highest milk procurement and processing unions attached to the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation. The Tiruchi union procures milk from 612 cooperative milk societies in Tiruchi, Ariyalur and Perambalur districts with about 58,800 member suppliers.

Milk procurement reaches the peak in August, September and October, when it usually goes beyond 5 lakh litres a day. Though the procurement crossed the five-lakh mark on many days in September and October, it recorded a dip in December. Excessive rainfall coinciding with the outbreak of foot and mouth disease was said to have caused the drop.

“We get highly encouraging reports on milk procurement. It hovers around 4.5 lakh litres a day and is likely to go up further in the weeks to come,” said R. Abirami, General Manager, Aavin, Tiruchi.

Karur district was also part of the Tiruchi union until recently. The volume of procurement was satisfactory especially when taking into account of a section of societies had joined with the newly created Karur union. There were good prospects to accelerate the procurement up to six lakh mark. A number of farmer- centric steps had been taken to increase the milk procurement, she said.

Ms. Rasikala said that sector specific approach had been introduced to monitor the procurement level. According to a recent field report, procurement had been going up in Ariyalur and there was a dip in Manapparai. Officials had been asked to offer needy support to the farmers in the areas, where there was a dip in procurement.

The General Manager said that out of 4.5 lakh litres, 1.25 lakh litres had been allocated for meeting the local demand in Tiruchi, Ariyalur and Perambalur districts. About 3.35 lakh litres have been sent to Chennai Metro for daily sales.

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