Minister Unveils Dairy Next: A Landmark Moment in Dairy Excellence

January 13, 2024

In a groundbreaking ceremony, the honorable minister og Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development J. Chinchurani officially launched Dairy Next, marking a significant milestone in the dairy industry. This momentous occasion not only solidifies the brand’s presence but also sets a new standard for excellence in the realm of dairy products.

A Visionary Leap into Dairy Innovation

Under the patronage of the esteemed minister, Dairy Next takes a giant leap forward in redefining the landscape of dairy excellence. The brand’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation aligns seamlessly with the minister’s vision for a thriving and progressive dairy industry.

Dairy Next

As the minister ceremoniously launched Dairy Next, it not only signified the inauguration of a brand but also marked the celebration of national pride. The brand’s commitment to sourcing local ingredients and supporting the community echoes the minister’s emphasis on boosting local economies.

Speaking at the event in Chanapara near Kadakkal, the Minister said the programme will be implemented in all the 140 Assembly constituencies of the State. “Through new schemes of the Dairy Development department up to 20 cows were given to each farmer in 2023. The scheme to provide cows to 64,000 farmers below poverty line will be launched soon. Schemes for farmers living in high-range and coastal areas are also on the anvil and fishers and coir workers will also be the beneficiaries,” said the Minister.

Observing that more people are opting for dairy sector, she added that the State government will provide all assistance to them. “Now Kerala has also been included in the comprehensive insurance scheme that provides insurance for cows. In two years, Kerala will have the provision to ensure insurance for all cows. Fodder grass cultivation in the State will also be extended since it is an essential part of the diet,” she added.

Launched by Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development department in association with Kerala Livestock Development Board and Kerala Feeds Limited (KFL), ‘Dairy Next’ aims to provide scientific as well as practical knowledge on rearing cows. It will also give farmers tips on how to improve milk production while bringing down the production cost. The overall objective is to achieve self-sufficiency in milk production.

The scientific diet and practices have been prepared by a team including KFL managing director Dr B. Sreekumar, KLDB managing director Dr R. Rajeev, Department of Dairy Development joint director Salini Gopinath and Animal Husbandry department additional director Ajith Babu. The diet and tips on scientific cow rearing were developed after studying the practices of KLF and KLDB farms.

Key Highlights of the Launch Event

Cutting-Edge Facilities: The minister toured Dairy Next’s state-of-the-art facilities, showcasing the brand’s commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology in dairy production.

Community Engagement: Dairy Next’s initiatives for community welfare were spotlighted during the launch, reflecting the brand’s dedication to social responsibility.

Product Showcase: Attendees had the opportunity to savor Dairy Next’s diverse range of dairy products, experiencing firsthand the richness and quality that sets the brand apart.

The Minister’s Call to Action

In a stirring address, the minister encouraged consumers to embrace Dairy Next as a symbol of national pride and excellence. The call to support local industries and choose Dairy Next for their dairy needs resonated with the audience, marking a united step towards a stronger, self-sufficient dairy sector.

In conclusion, the minister’s launch of Dairy Next is more than an event; it’s a proclamation of quality, innovation, and national pride. As consumers rally behind this groundbreaking venture, Dairy Next is poised to become a beacon of excellence in the dairy industry, guided by the visionary endorsement of the esteemed minister.

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