NDDB makes a pitch for boosting dairy exports as milk output is set to rise

December 9, 2023

With India set to increase its share in the global milk production over the next decade, it is time to look at expanding the share in export market, said NDDB Chairman and Managing Director Meenesh Shah on Friday.

Addressing the 20th Convocation of The Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bengaluru (IIPM-B), Shah said India currently accounts for 24 per cent of the world’s milk production. India’s milk production has been growing at a CAGR of 6 per cent, while the world average is at 2 per cent.

“If this growth trend continues, over the next 7-10 years, we will have a one-third share in the global output,” Shah said adding that it is very important for India to look at enhancing its share in export market to sustain growth in milk production.

Uniquely positioned

“Our share in the world dairy market is less than 0.5 per cent” Shah said, adding that the dairy exports are largely targetted to cater to the demand of our diaspora. India is uniquely positioned to cater to the world market, especially to the countries in South-Eeast Asia, neighbouring Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and also in West Asia which are import dependent for the milk products, Shah added.


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