Parshottam Rupala: Amul model of paying 75 per cent remuneration to milk producers superlative

July 20, 2023

Union Minister of State for Animal Husbandry, fisheries and Dairy, Parshottam Rupala, on Tuesday hailed the Amul model of paying 75 per cent remuneration to milk producers as “superlative”, as it is rooted in the “culture of animal rearing” of India.

Stating that “worshipping diversity” is a part of India’s culture, Rupala also urged people to “coexist and cohabit without fighting” to attain prosperity.

Rupala was speaking at the inaugural session of ‘International Symposium on Sustainable Livestock Transformation’ organised by the NDDB and FAO as part of the G20 programme in Anand. He said that it was only in India’s Amul model that the gap in the market cost and the purchase price from the producer had been reduced. Citing the example of the sky-rocketing tomato prices, Rupala said, “The most significant aspect of the animal husbandry industry is what does the farmer get from animal farming.

Amul is a superlative model. There is a vast difference between what the consumer pays and what the producer gets… Tomatoes are purchased from farmers at Rs 10 per kg and sold in the market for Rs 100 per kg. Headlines speak of how the prices are touching the skies but these skies do not reach the homes of the farmers.”

“It is due to the Amul model that the producers get 75 per cent of the actual value. This is our real success… We should show this to the world. It is a model of our country, of Anand. We have to be proud of this. It is important that 75 per cent of what the consumer pays goes to the consumer. The world should know this and discuss this.”

Rupala also urged for “compassion” towards animals, citing the “cultural practices” of India where animals are worshipped. “We need to change our attitude towards animals. We need to treat them with compassion and love. We call them animals, we have elevated ourselves… that we are human and they are animals…”

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