Prompt TrackSure – A unique and revolutionary AI-Powered Crate Management System for The Indian Dairy Sector

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Incepted in 1995, Prompt is a pioneer in Indian dairy technology and prides itself on bringing tradition and innovation together.

From a long line of Indian dairy industry game changer comes Prompt TrackSure – a solution to transform dated methods of crate tracking and monitoring.

Crates are critical elements of the fresh milk supply chain and often become a bone of contention between different agents who are a part of it. Crate inventory gets damaged and is currently replenished regularly to ensure smooth market operations. The market usually has a much higher number of outstanding crates than required. And manual tracking leads to errors as well as delays.

Prompt TrackSure defies the trials of time and harsh conditions. Unique tags are embedded on each crate which are resistant to the effects of lye, acid and heat. This patented system, installed at a dairy manufacturing unit is equipped with two cameras, on the conveyor belt, and the checkweigher, which capture critical information such as crate IDs and weight. A patented engine leverages modern-day Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to identify and count the SKUs. The integration of timestamps and SKU types helps accurate tracking at the individual crate level.

At the dispatch dock, the mobile app scans each crate stack, recording information about the crates loaded in specific vehicles like location, vehicle, driver information and timestamps. These details are confirmed by the driver as well over OTP. Similarly, truck drivers use the app to scan crates, providing insights into consumption and demand patterns at the retail level. The app scans empty crates on return at the reception dock without disrupting established workflows.

This way, dairies enjoy extensive benefits like enhanced accuracy, rapid processing, and streamlined inventory management. The system’s additional advantages include heightened traceability, seamless integration, and valuable data insights facilitated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Prompt TrackSure is not merely a tool; it is the herald of a new era. It doesn’t just save time and money; it is the catalyst for a data-driven revolution in the dairy industry. Prompt TrackSure ensures that each step in the crate’s journey is not just a transaction but a meticulously documented chapter in the evolving story of efficiency, accuracy and decision-making.


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